What We Do


Nightlight Video Productions at workOur first step in collaborating with you is doing a thorough assessment of your needs. Research is key in crafting the message and meaning for your project. We meet together to brainstorm ideas, and often we give you a planning tool to help you think through what you want your audience to think, feel, learn and, most important, what you want them to do after seeing your video or website. We’ll ask you: what positive change are you aiming for? What visual style would be best for your messages? Who needs to be involved in the scripting, interviews, planning?


We translate your messages into visuals and dialogue. Clients visualize options and we prepare for an efficient, focused shoot.


This is the fun part! We have a pool of some of the best freelancers around. Depending on the needs and budget, we have one camera or more, audio technicians, lighting set ups, steadicam, jib crane, and creative directors that enliven any subject.



This is often the longest phase of the project as we incorporate all the elements to tell your story. Sometimes we transcribe interviews so that clients can have the first pass at a “paper edit”. We meticulously organize the footage, and ask important questions: What is the correct pacing? How long should this be? Who and what are crucial to the finished product?


We have interviewed award-winning science educators, parents who have lost a child, recovering drug addicts, USAID administrators, mayors of small towns in North Carolina, women veterans of the Iraq war, the chief of the Eastern Cherokee Nation, musicians and artists... Our experience in the art of interviewing helps us reach the depth and clarity of your subject with ease.