Our Portfolio

UNC Horizons Program

The Horizons Program is a substance abuse treatment program for pregnant and/or parenting women. This video was created to assist the development team in raising money and raising awareness. I learned so much from talking with these women and I was constantly moved by their stories.

Beacon Grant

This animated video was created for Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) to spotlight a grant program that was received by The Southern Piedmont Community Care Plan. The health information technology increases access and quality for Medicaid recipients in Cabarrus, Rowan and Stanly counties. After working with our client on their goals for video, we recommended an animated video to explain their process.

PLACE: Priorities for Local AIDS Control Efforts

Nightlight was hired by MEASURE Evaluation at UNC to travel to Uganda to document this innovative mapping program. We traveled 1200 miles in nine days!

Advanced Care Planning

Nightlight was hired to work with Duke to create a series of videos on advance care planning. We produced 3 videos for patients and families, and 2 videos for students and providers. I can’t say enough about how important this issue is, and I was thrilled to be part of this project.

Davidson Housing Coalition

The mission of the Davidson Housing Coalition is to work with the larger community to preserve and create affordable housing options, and to prepare families and individuals for financial stability and homeownership. This video tells their story in a documentary style.

Tom Kelly, Professor, Harvard University

WW Norton & Company is one of our biggest and favorite clients. We have produced interviews with academics from colleges around the country; created marketing videos for new textbooks; and gone out on the streets to generate innovative classroom exercises.


We have interviewed award-winning science educators, parents who have lost a child, recovering drug addicts, USAID administrators, mayors of small towns in North Carolina, women veterans of the Iraq war, the chief of the Eastern Cherokee Nation, musicians and artists... Our experience in the art of interviewing helps us reach the depth and clarity of your subject with ease.