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Conference presentation or power pointOn our websiteeNewslettersIn-person presentations Other:

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Haven’t thought about it but are intriguedAre interested in exploring how video could work for usSerious about taking the first stepsWe should have done it yesterday

6. Challenges I anticipate:
Can we afford it?Will we have buy-in from stakeholders?Will it be too time-consuming?I’ve never done this before and am not sure how to begin Other:

7. We’re also thinking about our total public presence and would like some consultation about:
Our websiteGraphic designOther:

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We have interviewed award-winning science educators, parents who have lost a child, recovering drug addicts, USAID administrators, mayors of small towns in North Carolina, women veterans of the Iraq war, the chief of the Eastern Cherokee Nation, musicians and artists... Our experience in the art of interviewing helps us reach the depth and clarity of your subject with ease.